SOLUTION: Soft rObotic gLove for laboUrer’s rehabilitaTION

Funding agency: Meditech Competence Center
Partners: ETA BIOENGINEERING (Coordinator), S4E Impianti
Budget: 97.900 €
CUP: I83D22000550005
Start date: 02.01.2023
End date: 31.12.2023

The goal of the project is to develop a soft robotic exoskeleton for the hand to be used for work reintegration of workers with motor and strength disfunctions of the hand. The SOLUTION project involves four scientific and technological objectives:

  • (Ob1) To develop a personalized rehabilitation plan to encourage the work reintegration of workers with functional alterations of mobility and strength of the hand.

  • (Ob2) To develop a soft robotic exoskeleton with integrated sensors for the recovery of mobility and strenght of the injured worker, which is simple and minimally invasive.

  • (Ob3) To develop a software for analysis of sensors data and for virtual training of workers aimed at work reintegration.

  • (Ob4) To test and validate the system from a clinical point of view on an industrial use case, namely the manual activity of wiring of electrical cabinets.

The project will have a great social impact in facilitating and enhance the possibility of return to work for injured and/or disabled people.